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Code of Ethics

  • Customs House Brokers shall perform their duties with integrity and a high degree of professionalism and shall abide by the “Customs & Trade Acts” together with other rules and regulations that relate to the performance of their duty and shall behave in such a manner that enhances reputation and professional standing.
  • Customs House Brokers shall adopt a courteous and professional attitude towards public officers and the public at large and shall not disclose without authority any information obtained in the course of their duties and shall avoid conflict of interest which may arise from dealings with persons or other parties with whom they share private interest.
  • Customs House Brokers shall co-operate and assist the Authority to prevent illegal importation, smuggling, fraud and corruption or any other malpractices. Customs House Brokers shall join hands with the Customs and the Police to combat the traffic of narcotic drugs and prohibited substances.
  • Customs House Brokers shall operate in an office space and must follow a dress code so as to show respect for their job and their professional integrity.
  • Customs House Brokers shall conduct themselves properly and beyond reproach and shall not conceal facts and or/connive with clients to suppress facts essential in the proper collection of government revenues or induce importers or their employees to commit fraud.
  • Customs House Brokers shall not violate the trust and confidence laid out on him by his client especially in the matter of funds, documents, and goods entrusted to his care in the exercise of his profession. Soliciting customer/clients already connected with other brokers through unfair monetary-competitive practices or discrediting fellow brokers for selfish motives or otherwise is regarded as unethical and unprofessional.
  • Customs House Brokers shall not take undue advantage of the innocence, ignorance, credulity, or trust of his clients or of his employees and other persons with whom he deals with.
  • A Customs House broker shall not allow himself to be party to a fraud or allow himself to use privileged information at the Customs or other department to allow a fraud to occur.
  • Customs House Brokers must conduct their business with clients and the public on the basis of strict compliance with the law, in a manner which reflects proper discharge or professional responsibility and should not speak in an unprofessional manner to another customs broker or make any statement likely to unfairly affect the reputation of another in the eyes of any clients.
  • A Customs House Broker must be guided by the Supreme Principle of Justice, Fairness & Truthfulness.
  • The anti-trust policy